The main areas of business of KRAVAK s.r.o. are in construction and real estate services.

CONSTRUCTION concerns mainly smaller buildings and the IMPLEMENTATION of building processes. Larger buildings, i.e. INVESTMENT PROJECTS, mean the preparation and building management including consultancy for the investor.

We use our experience in construction also in REAL ESTATE SERVICES, mainly in the area of COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS AND PLOTS where the building process is usually closely connected with the property and thus we can use our knowledge for the seller or buyer. 

BULDING ACTIVITY (construction work) is usually carried out for private investors and they mainly concern housing and follow-up structures. The extent of these structures depends on the quality of provided building documentation. These usually include building permission and investor's requirements. Since the construction work can be carried out in different quality, we can appraise the difference according to investor's wishes. Our own experience in building design enables us to offer the investors possible building adjustments in order to improve the quality or the future utilisation characteristics or the use itself while maintaining the required price and the investor's requirements. Construction according to the financial possibilities of the investor is also possible.

Construction preparation and management of INVESTMENT PROJECTS is an activity which is provided to investors who do not have their own investment department or building experience and they want an expert company to be responsible for the building or renovation process, from the point of presentation of objectives to the operation permit. Therefore it is not just a question of individual steps or phases of construction but a complex and complete solution where unreasonable deviations from the original plan could mean not only a substantial price increase but also a change in quality of the works, the building schedule etc.

Real estate activities for COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS AND PLOTS provide sale facilitation to the seller and purchase assistance to the buyer. Every building or plot has its "characteristics" and our knowledge of construction processes enables us to get to know these and their future use. A change in ownership of a commercial estate is usually just the first step and further investments follow, with a renovation or even conversion of the building. These investments require substantial financial resources and therefore we offer additional services from the building area, i.e. building preparation and management (preliminary projects, investment objectives etc.)

KRAVAK s.r.o. links up to the activities of Ing. Mojmír Kravák who started up as independent professional in 1998; his main implementations can be seen in references.

On behalf of KRAVAK s.r.o., Ing. Mojmír Kravák , managing director.